When Life Sends You Curve Balls, Hit a Home Run Anyway

Posted by Laura Baker | May 22, 2012  |  2 Comments

I must admit, I was prepared for this. I knew it would happen—because I’ve tried to get back on the exercise and eat-healthy wagon numerous times only to have things get in the way. In the past, this has usually stopped me instantly. But this time, I refuse to let it.

I went on a 45 minute vigorous hike on Saturday evening—and was completely exhausted afterward since I’d already spent an entire day in the sun over in Waukesha, while involved in a living history event. But I should have known better. My plan was to take all my measurements on Sunday morning, document them into the computer, and start setting up a planned—but flexible—exercise schedule. I even intended on getting out on my bike. It was a great plan—until I woke up with one of my typical migraines!

The good news–my breakfast on Sunday morning was pretty low in calories. It consisted of 800 mg of Ibuprophen, 2 Tylenol, and ultimately 10 mg of the big stuff—Maxalt! Eventually I topped all that off with a salad around 11am—which was the easiest thing I could think of, to have my husband grab me. Typically after the migraine subsides, I can brush off the Maxalt side-effects (which tend to make me very sleepy sometimes) within a couple hours, and get back to doing whatever it was I had planned. But not Sunday—nope! The Diet Gods knew my plan and were trying to prevent me from moving forward. I ended up having to stay in bed all day. Grrrrr……..

It was frustrating, because life was throwing me a curve ball so soon into my new health plan. I made a promise, and already I was falling behind on that promise. But negative thinking is what has gotten me in trouble before…and lead me to the comfort foods that have put me here in the first place. So….I decided that migraines, and crazy work schedules, and everything else would just have to be a part of the plan—because it’s a lifetime change!

Monday morning found me re-energized and well-rested. I awoke early and knew my mission—I had to get out the measuring tape! My first thought was….can I keep my eyes closed and not look at the numbers??? Yah…right….unless I wanted my husband writing those numbers down. Again….Gulp! I was going to have to look whether I wanted to or not.

After getting past the thought of writing down numbers that I promised myself would get smaller, I downloaded a measurement tracker from Microsoft Excel Templates—and just filled in the blanks. It does all the calculations for you and is so easy. I just love it! I did all this before starting my regular work day—although I’m still behind on making my work-out plan which is supposed to work towards building me up to that 36-mile bicycling journey, by August 18th!

I knew Monday was going to be a busy day—not only did I have a full day at work, but my 11-year old was in her choir concert at 6:30pm. That wouldn’t leave much time for a bike ride afterward. But I thought I’d wait out the day and see what would happen.

We were home by 7:30—and although there wasn’t enough time to get changed into cycling clothes and pump up tires on the bike—I headed out for a two-mile fast walk which put my heart rate in the fat burning zone. Now keep in mind, I haven’t been a total couch potato through all this—I’ve been more of a Lounge Lizard (spurts of exercising and lounging).  I haven’t walked my two-mile path in quite some time—and I certainly wasn’t going to let the sun go down without doing some sort of physical activity! It may not have been the workout I would have gotten on my bike—but it was something that would at least get my body moving and take me in the right direction. I didn’t just sit around feeling beaten because life threw me a few curve balls. I hit that home run by improvising and setting a mini-goal to walk that 2-mile route….and I started wondering afterward if it would be possible to even run the 5K the chamber is having. We’ll see…but for now, it’s one step at a time.

By the way…I almost forgot to tell you……I’ve shed 2.2 pounds since last Tuesday. Yay!

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  1. Jamie says:

    Congrats on the 2.2 pounds! And congrats on convincing yourself to do something rather than nothing- that can be tough after a loooooong day!

    • Laura Baker says:

      Thanks Jamie! Sometimes it is so hard when the evenings are busy—in the past I’ve just allowed the busy evenings to overtake my thinking and I just give in and not do anything at all. I did manage to get in an 8.5 mile bike ride last night in 43 minutes on the touring bike after having a Christmas Walk meeting—and my daughter had a flat tire on her road bike we had to fix just as we were heading out! Needless to say—we at least got that much in. I was pretty tired this morning—and feel a pulled muscle in my calf!

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