What Goes Up….is Definitely Coming Down!

Posted by Laura Baker | June 15, 2012  |  No Comment

This week seems like a blur…..just Sunday I was coming home from what I call “workout weekend”….and now here it is Friday already. The closest thing I came to getting on my bike this week was today when Amanda Frommer and I met early this morning to ride the August 18th 5K race route. We needed to measure the route for the proper mileage. We probably got in a little over 3 ½ miles by the time we were done—which is nothing to sneeze about in terms of a workout. But it was at least something!

I think I’m finally reaching past my time crunch though which has been keeping me from exercising. I finished the MBA class I was busting butt to finish last week, and I finished my online teaching certification class through Blackhawk Technical College this week. Plus—the chamber just hired someone part-time in the office to help me out. It may not be completely stress-free living since I’ve just started another MBA class, and I still have lots going on at the chamber, but it certainly is going to relieve a lot of burden that’s been weighing me down. Maybe I won’t have so many days with long hours—and I might actually have time to get out and exercise!

The good part about all this is that I’ve stayed true to eating healthy during all the stressful moments….and I’ve still been losing weight. Even after reporting .6 of a gain due to sodium the other day….I stayed true and have been seeing the reward as a result (you’ll have to wait until next week for me to tell the exact figures!) The weight isn’t coming off in big numbers or anything—but if I can get out and burn some calories more than twice a week, I might lose a little faster. I’m also hoping to start building some muscle. I figure getting to even a 3lb loss per week would be nice……….it might take two shorter workouts each day to get more out of the afterburn affect. Hmmmm…..that means waking up earlier. Grrrr…….

I’m hoping I am not the only Rockton area person who has made a promise to get healthy though. I’d really love to know how everyone else is doing out there. It’s tough….I know it is. But together we can do it—together we can Get Healthy, Rockton!

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