There’s Nothing Better Than the Good ‘Ol Outdoors….maybe

Posted by Laura Baker | June 12, 2012  |  6 Comments

I can’t believe it—it’s been four weeks now since I started this blog and started taking my health seriously (and publically!). I’ve weighed regularly, and have stuck to my plans as much as possible. But it hasn’t always gone as I’ve planned. In fact, I don’t think much has gone the way I had planned.

This weekend we had made reservations to take our camper out to Rock Cut State Park to go camping. We both had taken Friday off work—and headed out on Thursday for what I called “Workout Weekend.” I had big plans for mountain biking, road cycling, hiking, and anything else that would keep burning the calories. It was to be a weekend centered around extreme calorie burning while having fun!

I really planned the weekend so perfectly….right down to bringing only healthy foods along (other than the Smore supplies) which included chicken and salads for suppers, turkey wraps for lunch, and Kashi Cereal for breakfast. Snacks included fresh strawberries and veggies with ranch dressing.

But Saturday afternoon, after helping out at Northpointe’s Prairie Triathalon in the morning, didn’t go as planned. I suddenly got very sick in the afternoon—and it wasn’t a pretty sight. This has happened several times to me over the last two years and is always shortly after eating. Doctors still haven’t been able to figure out exactly what causes it. But it wears me out a lot! So much for taking the road bike out that afternoon—or that evening for that matter!

Sunday morning—we went out for some more mountain biking. But I could feel the prior day’s effects—along with some dehydration. I was exhausted and had no oomph! I stuck it out long enough to burn 1000 calories (according to the heart rate monitor I wear for exercise), but had to stop frequently for breaks.

I was really excited yesterday morning when I stood on the scale and saw I’d lost more weight—I thought for sure I would be able to report a good weight loss today.

But something went wrong….I don’t know what it was. I’d stuck to the plan—I only had 1430 calories yesterday. I went through most of the day with just 400—and it wasn’t on purpose. I’d just become so focused in working that I’d forgotten to eat yesterday. Could it have been the fresco bean burrito and the pintos and cheese I had for supper from Taco Bell? The calories fit into my plan—and I typically have been eating chicken breasts. I figured one fast-food trip wouldn’t hurt me considering I had the room for the calories (Fresco Bean Burrito=488 calories, Pintos and Cheese=180 calories). I tried to choose the healthiest option.

So I’m sad to say that although I’ve stuck to the plan, I’ve actually gained weight .6 lb this week. I have so many thoughts in my mind. Was the Taco Bell stuff loaded with sodium, and therefore I am holding water? When I weighed yesterday, was I still dehydrated from Saturday’s episode which would cause me to jump up nearly 2lbs from yesterday due to rehydrating—although I didn’t seem to be dehydrated yet yesterday morning. Did I not work out enough, or exercise enough to burn the calories needed this week? I’d really only burned 300 extra calories through working out on Thursday night after arriving at Rock Cut, 1400 calories or so on Friday Mountain Biking, walking, playing softball, and on the paddle boat, plus just 1000 calories on Sunday mountain biking. The rest has all been through diet restriction having only 1200-1500 calories a day, approximately. I didn’t have my scale this weekend to measure my daily progress—so did I do something wrong?

I just don’t understand today what has happened. I know I haven’t had the time to work out as much as I really want—my job and classes are holding me back. But I guess I will just keep plugging along and see where this goes.


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  1. Kelly says:

    Darn that scale!! I’ve had many of the exact same experiences. You are doing awesome. Just stay the course and I know you will continue to lose weight. Don’t change what you are doing based on one or two weigh-ins (up or down). I think you are dead on with your assessment re: dehydration and then sodium (there were over 1500 mg in the Taco Bell meal). You are doing everything right. You don’t have to be perfect, just consistent. I am cheering for you!

    • Laura Baker says:

      Thanks Kelly! It’s great to know that I have support from the community. I was so dissappointed, though, when I saw the scale this morning. Grrr! I was all set to report a great loss in weight….and then Bam! It just hit me in the face this morning that I was going to have a announce a (gulp) slight gain…for whatever reason!

      Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Jme says:

    Keep up the good work. Even tougher than losing weight is staying motivated to do so when the going gets tough! So don’t get discouraged and keep working toward your goals!!! YOU CAN DO IT!

    • Laura Baker says:

      Thanks Jamie! I have to keep positive–and I think this is why I have just given up in the past 5 years so many times because something like this happens and I just give in. I so appreciate the encouragement—and knowing that everyone is still reading my blog helps me keep motivated. I will just pick up the pieces and move on….I just really wish I could go out for a bike ride tonight though! (I have work to do for Blackhawk Tech when I get home.) :-(

  3. Amanda Frommer says:

    That only means you will have a great weight loss next week! Keep it up, you re doing AWESOME!

    • Laura Baker says:

      Thanks Amanda! I sure hope I will have a great weight loss next week! Darn that scale! I thought for sure I would lose big after this weekend…I was secretly hoping for 3 lbs! But I think kelly might be right—there’s a ton of sodium in Taco Bell! No wonder I haven’t eaten there much in the past 10 years! It’s only been recently that I have gone there for an alternative fast-food choice besides Subway that would be okay for calories. McDonalds is another option if I want yogurt. Their salads are too high in calories!

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