Patience is a Virtue

Posted by Laura Baker | June 27, 2012  |  4 Comments

It’s very subtle…but I think I’m starting to notice a few changes. I doubt anyone else will notice quite yet—it’s early, and it’s not like I’ve changed clothing sizes or anything yet. But, it’s interesting how I’m starting to “feel” myself getting smaller…even if it is a half an inch here or there. I can actually start to feel it in places.

I’m trying to contain my excitement because I’ve worked very hard at being extremely active this past week. I’ve been fast-pitching softball (burning 500 calories in an hour and a half), cycling, and doing just about anything I can to keep my body moving. Sure, fast-pitching softball isn’t necessarily going to give me an endurance workout, which is needed if I want to race my bike ever again. Nor is it going to give me the “afterburn” effect of losing additional calories after the workout because my metabolism is raised higher hours after….but it’s going to keep my body burning calories, and my daughter still gets what she wants too. I have to balance my need to lose weight, with the fact that I am a mother.

I think it was just last week I was feeling a bit down with my weight loss, but patience has paid off. I’ve crossed that threshold….the one that means I’m not-going-to-throw-in-the-towel-because-I’ve-come-this-far-threshold. Yep….that’s the one. I lost 3.4lbs this week—for a total of 15.2lbs total! Giddy up!

My favorite dinner recipe this week:

Bean Burrito

1 flour tortilla

Red Enchilada Sauce

Refried Beans (I’ve always heard these were bad…but am not sure how. They pack a full punch of 13.8g protein, just 3.3g of fat, and only 237 calories for a full cup. Plus, there are 12g of soluable fiber—the kind that slows digestion when it’s mixed with water! The only downside—it’s higher in sodium by 1,012 mg….but I just don’t think you can watch EVERYTHING all the time. Sometimes you have to give on one area to get something else.)


A “Dollup of Daisy” …I’ve always wanted to say that! I use Daisy Lite Sour cream…and it’s just a dollup!

Just a small Pinch of Shredded Mexican Cheese (sorry…I don’t like the Lite versions)

Pico de Gallo….lots….there’s practically no calories in Pico de Gallo….so “fill ‘er up!”

Just a little Taco Sauce.


Oh…and the best part is…one of these is so filling! There’s no need to make anything else—and it’s quick and easy to prepare (not to mention that it gives me my need for mexican)!


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  1. Amanda Frommer says:

    15.2 lbs down, that is AWESOME! Congrats!

  2. Kelly says:

    Wow!! I lost track somewhere. 15.2 pounds!! You must be feeling great! Congratulations!!!

    • Laura Baker says:

      Yah…I can’t believe it myself. It’s a good feeling—but I know I can’t sit back and relax. I still have a long way to go. But…it sounds so good right now to have 15lbs gone!

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