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Posted by Laura Baker | June 19, 2012  |  4 Comments

I couldn’t wait to weigh in this morning as it seemed like things have been going so well since last week’s hiccup of .6 lb gain. I’m certain it was from extra sodium as it came off within two days.

But what started off as excitement—turned to deep mathematical concentration. The scale showed I’d lost a total of 4.2lbs since last week. I practically jumped up and down for joy….at first…..until I started doing the math. If I had showed a gain of .6 lb last week….and theoretically should have lost at least 2lbs instead…that meant I could pretty well knock off the first 2.6lbs of that. Hmmmm….that meant I really only lost 1.6 lbs this week if I look at it like that.

Oh…the wheels in my head were turning… come I’ve lost so little? I am keeping track of everything I eat. I haven’t had as many workouts as I wanted…..probably only twice a week. I’d gone out and busted my tail-feathers hiking Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin on Sunday…and if you’ve never been there, let me tell you….it’s a bun and thigh workout like you wouldn’t believe! We hiked for 1 hour and 15 minutes, which was all climbing….and I burned just over 500 calories. I feel muscles I didn’t know I had in my butt and legs!

So after doing all this analysis this morning, I decided that today was as good as any to re-measure myself. When this began five weeks ago, I took base measurements and planned on measuring once per month. So…today I decided it was time to check in on my measurements.

I went from elated…to disappointment. I thought for sure after losing a total of 11.8lbs in five weeks that I’d see all kinds of changes. Nope! I’ve lost a total of 5 inches….and that’s measuring everything. My waist was just half an inch of that.


Maybe I’m hoping for more than there should be at this point…..but how come I never got the huge drop in the beginning like everyone else does when they start losing weight? Most people in the first week or two lose a ton of weight before it levels off to the slower amounts of 2-3lbs per week. Heck…most people can lose 11.8lbs in the first two weeks! Not me! It’s taken 5 weeks! Grrrrrrr……

I’m just going to have to step up the plate a little. I haven’t been exercising as much as I want…and am just going to have to make it happen–one way or another! I’m not going to give up no matter how frustrated I feel. I’ve done that—way too many times—the past couple of years. I’m just going to try harder to get those workouts in. I’d like to get a morning and an evening workout in if I could—-and at least if I get the morning workout in, and something is going on in the evening, it won’t be quite so bad.

I don’t have a plan for this yet—I’m just going to see how it goes as it happens. Wish me luck!

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  1. Kelly says:

    I think you are losing weight at just the perfect rate. One to two pounds a week is weight loss that is maintainable. It’s not coming off faster because you are doing it the right way! It’s not easy to do it the way you are doing it, it’s hard work. But it is the most sensible, healthy way. I see a billboard every day that says something like “I lose 50 pounds in 3 months on _______.” And the blank is not “eating healthy and exercise.” There will never be a billboard that says “I lost 5 pounds in one month by eating healthy and exercising.” It’s because everyone wants a quick fix. Don’t be discouraged. YOU LOST ALMOST 12 POUNDS AND 5 INCHES!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

  2. Laura Baker says:

    Thank you Kelly for keeping my chin up! I had to laugh…because you are absolutely right when you say there’s no billboard that says “I lost 5lbs in one month by eating healthy and exercising.” I guess the truth doesn’t sell as well. :-) Thanks for your encouragement!

    P.s: All I could think about this morning on the way in to work was that I should bring in my treadmill to the office and set it up at a desk! lol I’m sure sitting all day at the desk doesn’t help burn many calories!

  3. Malia says:


    Do keep up the steady and great work. As Kelly points out, the general masses often ignore sense AND sensibility. Advertising a 5 lb weight loss in a month is not appealing because it seems insignificant and non-measurable. Well, take that 5 lb monthly loss and multiply that by 12 months. In a year, that loss is 60 lbs. 60 pounds!

    The key to my ongoing success (I am still a work in progress) is striving for a sensible methodology and that is a goal of 1-2 lb loss per week AND active for 3 to 4 days per week. Part of being active is trying out different things until you find something you LOVE. I LOVE ZUMBA and do it 5 times a week. The group of ladies I often Zumba with have also branched out into doing other active things like 5Ks, outdoor binking, obstacle racing (mud runs, Warrior Dash etc), spin classes, and kayaking.

    Eat right and be active at least 90% of the time and you will achieve your goals. The translation of your efforts onto the scale and measuring tape will be in your favor!

    If you’ve never tried Zumba and would like to, please contact me and join me some time.

    Best wishes for your journey!

    • Laura Baker says:

      Thank you Malia! It’s always good to receive the encouragement along the way—and it makes complete sense what you and Kelly are saying (I have to remind myself–even at times such as this morning when I’m only showing .4 for a loss this week so far.

      I think for me, one of my biggest problems is fitting in my active lifestyle with my busy workload. I love bicycling, mountain biking, and hiking. These are my favorites. Motivation is never a problem for me when it comes to these activities. But there’s not always enough time to drive somewhere and hike or mountain bike all the time.

      I’ve also been working with my youngest on her softball skills—I never knew fastpitching a softball would burn calories like it does! I wear my heart rate monitor to guage everything I do—I may not be getting an aerobic workout, or improving my aerobic capacity when I pitch to my daughter, but it’s still much better than sitting around.

      I have heard of Zumba—mainly from my 22-year old daughter who does it all the time with a friend of hers. But I have no idea what it is! I’d love to try it with you. When and where do you do it? Count me in….just let me know and I’ll make my schedule work with it (except for nights my daughter plays Softball…or we have an event for the chamber.) I could even squeeze in daytime Zumba. Just let me know! I think variety is also key to keeping things interesting—and it also keeps my body from getting too used to one specific thing. Plus, I love getting together with other active people as it pushes me more!

      Let me know–and I will look forward to doing Zumba with you!

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