It Takes Much More than Diet and Exercise

Posted by Laura Baker | June 22, 2012  |  No Comment

I have been finding myself frustrated lately. I can’t seem to find the time to work out as much as I’d like. Motivation is definitely NOT the issue! There’s just too much going on all the time….and next week doesn’t look much better either.

My evening schedules are just that—-they are scheduled. Here’s an example of this week’s schedule: Monday—Sarah had a softball game. We stayed after and practiced with her (fast pitching DOES burn calories!) Tuesday—Only had time for 20 minutes of a grueling Biggest Loser Workout DVD….then off to practice more softball. Wednesday—Arrived home in enough time to make a healthy supper before heading off to Camp Rotamer for a campfire party hosted by our neighbors. No workout at all. Thursday—Business After Hours at Nygren Wetlands. Arrive home and have to take a few quizzes on some software I’m brushing up on—plus begin working on new MBA class that started on Monday. Friday—Yet to be determined…..but I’m NOT working late tonight! Next week….Monday—Sarah’s softball game. Tuesday—Work Late for the Get Healthy Rockton with Mary Kay Representative Kim Davis. Wednesday—So far…so good. Nothing. Thursday—Work late at the Rockford Riverhawks game for the chamber. Friday—Sarah’s softball game. Weekends… far free!

I haven’t yet been able to convince myself to get up earlier in the mornings……I would need to get up at least two hours earlier than normal just to get an hour of workout in since I have to allow for getting dressed into workout clothes and getting whatever I need set up. Something about getting up at 5am is just in-humane!

I might be able to offset my late working hours by coming in later—but whenever I try it, my phone rings off the hook with work calls and emails come in like crazy!

I’ve been thankful for all the support I’m getting in the community—and I know there’s no turning back at all. Turning back isn’t going to get me anywhere but more health issues. So, I have to accept that I can only do what I can do. It’s not about the exercise and diet by itself—it’s a way of life. I’m making changes to fit my lifestyle—and my busy schedule. I have to accept that my life is jam packed right now—and at least I can say I get out there and workout a couple times a week. I prefer 6 days a week—but I’ll take what I can get for now–even if it means fastpitching a softball.

In the meantime—I’m continuing to make healthy choices. This week’s healthy choice recipe:


Chicken Fajitas

1 Flour Tortilla

Frozen Chicken Fajitas (no hormones added), heated on the skillet with a little olive oil


2 Tbsp Lite Sour Cream

Pico de Gillo


Can you say ah, YUM!!!!!!  I literally have no idea how many calories one is—but I could estimate this one pretty good…..I’m guessing about 325 calories for one. It’s filling, satisfying, and the best part is that it only took 10 minutes to make!

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