Begin With The End In Mind

Posted by Laura Baker | May 18, 2012  |  2 Comments

After writing my first entry the other day, I realized that it was time to get into gear and make a plan. But where do I begin when I am just so busy!

I don’t know how many times I talk to people and tell them about my bike racing days (road and mountain bike). It’s just something that seems to flow out of my mouth…maybe in hopes that they won’t notice the extra weight I’m carrying around these days. I know people I talk to can hardly believe their eyes that the person in front of them was actually a competitive racer in another life! I always add the obvious information of how it was “over a 100 lbs ago” and how I wished they could see what I looked like then….

Well, I was having this very same conversation the other day when it dawned on me—this is where I start. I begin with the end in mind. I was so happy racing—I was in shape, and I was fast. I kicked butt riding in the wind and going up the hills. It all felt so good to be in the best shape of my life. I didn’t mind training on my bike 12 hours per week, including outdoor winter riding. Certainly, I didn’t mind the medals and trophies I won, that now serve as distant reminders of a healthier lifestyle.

But this is what I want my end to look like again. I’ve recognized where I need to be—and now I start taking the steps of making the plan to get there. It won’t happen overnight. It certainly won’t happen by August 18th. Yet, I plan to set smaller goals, and hold myself accountable for reaching benchmarks that I’m going to put into place.

This weekend, I will make my plan to get physically active and start burning calories. I will be taking my measurements on Sunday so that I can report back to all, the progress I’ve made. It won’t be easy—and I plan on sharing the bad days with everyone too! But when the days get tough, I’ll begin with the end in mind. (Remind me on occasion—will ya?)


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  1. Marilyn Mohring says:

    Sometimes it just takes a deciding moment to give us the push, mine was a pair of new jeans I took on vacation in March. Two weeks later I walked into Weight Watchers and re-instated my Lifetime Membership from 40 years ago. The good news is, it’s working.

    • Laura Baker says:

      I love the whole weight watchers points thing!I have considered using it—but right now have decided I would like to try a couple different methods to see which one I like the best for long-term healthy eating.

      I’m glad to hear that it is working for you, Marilyn! Keep me posted.

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