One Step Forward…..

Typically my blog posts have had a lesson I’ve learned during the week, or some sort of positive undertone. This week’s blog does not have either. I’ve been stressed out this past week—and it hasn’t helped that one of my favorite summer veggies is ready right now—and I can usually enjoy its fresh taste for


Taking Cruise Control Off

At this point, I’m finding it can be so easy to sit back and relax…put on cruise control….and forget my goals. That’s right—cruise control. I’m talking about the moment when I start focusing on something else, become a slacker, and forget everything that motivates me. I’ve felt that way—admittedly the last two weeks despite huge weight loss


Making a Difference

Before starting this blog series, I really wasn’t sure how I was ever going to be able to lose weight. I’d tried so many times in the past….and I wouldn’t last longer than two weeks. Something would come up—and I’d be back to my old eating habits. It’s now been two months—and I can’t believe

Rockton Chamber Night with the Riverhawks



Beachbody Workouts

The Rockton Chamber of Commerce is once again adding to its “Get Healthy Rockton” campaign. Come and join the Rockton Chamber of Commerce member, J. Sole Fitness–Independent Team Beachbody Coach–for a free weekly workout. Experience Beachbody workouts you have seen on television such as P90X, Insanity, Turbo Fire, Hip Hop Abs, and more all for


Big Plans. Small Changes.

Most everyone who read my blog last Tuesday knew of my big plans for a long, 5-day “workout weekend.” I’d been organizing this weekend for weeks—again with a plan of heading over to Rock Cut State Park for mountain biking, hiking, and whatever else we could find to do. But the weather didn’t cooperate at


You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

I’m always amazed each week at how far I’ve come already in my journey to a healthier me. I’ve realized in the past week, that it doesn’t take much food before I feel full—and I’m really starting to believe that I’m making life-long changes that will last.
When I think back to when I started this