Patience is a Virtue

It’s very subtle…but I think I’m starting to notice a few changes. I doubt anyone else will notice quite yet—it’s early, and it’s not like [&hellip


It Takes Much More than Diet and Exercise

I have been finding myself frustrated lately. I can’t seem to find the time to work out as much as I’d like. Motivation is definitely [&hellip

get healthy slide

Classes with Dr. Sayles


One Foot in Front of the Other

I couldn’t wait to weigh in this morning as it seemed like things have been going so well since last week’s hiccup of .6 lb [&hellip


What Goes Up….is Definitely Coming Down!

This week seems like a blur…..just Sunday I was coming home from what I call “workout weekend”….and now here it is Friday already. The closest [&hellip


There’s Nothing Better Than the Good ‘Ol Outdoors….maybe

I can’t believe it—it’s been four weeks now since I started this blog and started taking my health seriously (and publically!). I’ve weighed regularly, and [&hellip


Candy Cane Craft Show

The Rockton Chamber of Commerce Seeks Vendors for Candy Cane Craft Show The Rockton Chamber of Commerce has scheduled its Candy Cane Craft Show to coincide [&hellip

Rockford Riverhawks

Rockton Chamber Schedules Member Night with the Rockford Riverhawks

The Rockton Chamber of Commerce schedules Member Night with the Rockford Riverhawks on Thursday, June 28th. All Rockton Chamber of Commerce members are free, and [&hellip


Rockton Chamber Event Geared Toward Women’s Health Initiatives

The Rockton Chamber of Commerce is hosting an event geared toward women’s health initiatives. It is the belief of the Rockton Chamber of Commerce that [&hellip


It’s All in the Numbers, Baby!

As someone who is trying to lose weight, and lead a healthy lifestyle, I love reading weight loss success stories. In fact, I have been [&hellip

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