Finish Every Hill You Start

I remember back in my days of racing, and someone once said “Finish Every Hill You Start.” At the time, I never really understood how that would change my life—and my entire thought process. I’m not a quitter as a result. But I experienced some moments on Sunday during our 31 mile ride, which made


I Love a Challenge!

I love a challenge—but it has to be the right challenge.
I’ve been energized by my new goals, despite the fact that I’ve had a stressful week (and despite breaking down at one stressful moment during work for two small chocolates that my intern left for me in my drawer!). I have just until Wednesday to


When Life Sends You Curve Balls, Hit a Home Run Anyway

I must admit, I was prepared for this. I knew it would happen—because I’ve tried to get back on the exercise and eat-healthy wagon numerous times only to have things get in the way. In the past, this has usually stopped me instantly. But this time, I refuse to let it.
I went on a 45

farmers market newspaper ad

Rockton Farmer’s Market is Here!

Download the Application here.
Download the Vendor Rules here.
Every day this summer, communities are converging to celebrate a simple miracle—that of farmers as stewards across rural America who come together to share a harvest that feeds local families. The result—more viable regional economies, increased access to fresh, nutritious food, and stronger social networks that help keep


Begin With The End In Mind

After writing my first entry the other day, I realized that it was time to get into gear and make a plan. But where do I begin when I am just so busy!
I don’t know how many times I talk to people and tell them about my bike racing days (road and mountain bike). It’s


Get Healthy, Rockton!

So, the Rockton Chamber of Commerce is developing a campaign called “Get Healthy Rockton!” Why are we doing this? We believe that people can live happier, longer lives, just by living a healthier lifestyle.
I know what you’re thinking…you’re probably saying “really?” “Come on Laura Baker….Ms. Executive Director of the Chamber, and promoter of this concept!


Annual Golf Play Day

Join us for the Rockton Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Play Day on Monday, June 18th, 2012 at the Macktown Golf Course. There’s a shot gun start at 8:00am. This year’s event is presented by Northpointe Health & Wellness.
Download our brochure to sign up or get more information!