Finish Every Hill You Start

I remember back in my days of racing, and someone once said “Finish Every Hill You Start.” At the time, I never really understood how [&hellip


I Love a Challenge!

I love a challenge—but it has to be the right challenge. I’ve been energized by my new goals, despite the fact that I’ve had a [&hellip


When Life Sends You Curve Balls, Hit a Home Run Anyway

I must admit, I was prepared for this. I knew it would happen—because I’ve tried to get back on the exercise and eat-healthy wagon numerous [&hellip

farmers market newspaper ad

Rockton Farmer’s Market is Here!

Download the Application here. Download the Vendor Rules here. Every day this summer, communities are converging to celebrate a simple miracle—that of farmers as stewards [&hellip


Begin With The End In Mind

After writing my first entry the other day, I realized that it was time to get into gear and make a plan. But where do [&hellip


Get Healthy, Rockton!

So, the Rockton Chamber of Commerce is developing a campaign called “Get Healthy Rockton!” Why are we doing this? We believe that people can live [&hellip


Annual Golf Play Day

Join us for the Rockton Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Play Day on Monday, June 18th, 2012 at the Macktown Golf Course. There’s a shot [&hellip